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Yatsuhashi Revolutionaries, Kiyomizu Kyoami

After exploring Kiyomizu-dera, and drinking from its mystical waters, you find yourself headed down a nearby street. A sweet scent fills the air. Following your nose, you end up at Kiyomizu Kyoami. A sign for yatsuhasi chou is featured prominently. This treat isn’t the ancient yatsuhashi you know. Your day of tradition is about to end in a tasty way.


Yatsuhashi is Kyoto’s most famous treat. When people return home from Kyoto, it is an expected souvenir for co-workers and friends alike.

Choices, choices, choices

Yatsuhashi comes in a fresh and senbei form. The fresh version is most people’s favorite.  The middle is typically anko (sweet bean paste.) The skin comes in many flavors, but the most traditional is cinnamon. Shops bake the cinnamon coated skins to make the senbei version.

Confectioneries all over Kyoto have made this treat for a long time. Only minor changes, like the flavor of the skin, or filling, has ever changed. That was until Kiyomizu Kyoami showed up with the…

Yatsuhashi Chou

Choices, choices, choices

Kiyomizu Kyoami has taken the idea of yatsuhashi and made a Choux Créme out of it. The choux (pastry part), had a wonderful cinnamon flavor and airy crust. The Créme (cream part) comes in many flavors. I tried the vanilla and green tea flavors.

The vanilla flavor was my favorite. I enjoyed it so much I forgot actually to photograph it.






Pictured: my failure

The green tea flavor was likable. It had a real tea taste without overpowering the cinnamon. The yatsuhashi chou also paired well with the store’s brand of green tea. Green tea is another of Kyoto’s specialties, so I got double the bang for my buck.

Usually, I don’t enjoy creamy green things, usually

Breaking Tradition

In a town like Kyoto, it is fascinating to see how people change up a tradition. The yatsuhashi Chou is an excellent example of a fresh spin on an old idea. I highly recommend you check out Kiyomizu Kyoami if you end up near Kiyomizu-dera.

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