Below are some mock ups for sections of different unannounced, cancelled, or in production projects. These are all for PlayEveryWare, while I can discuss the mock ups and design ideas, I can not go into further details about the projects.

Project 1


In this mock up I was coming up with a system to allow players to customize homes using 2D sprite art while being able to get a large degree of customization. In short there are 3 layers selectable at the bottom for fore, mid, and back ground. When selecting an object to go in those spots on the right of the screen you can see how much space it would take up,  the amount of different points each object gave to certain categories, how many you have of each item, and if it is currently being used in the room. To the left you would have other options such as wall,windows,decorations and the like for further customization. This was made to allow players the ability to design their own rooms and control how tenants would see it.


This Is a mock up of a room that has been decorated. Above you can see three icons with values next to them representing the feelings of the room based on the furniture used. Because tenants had preferences to how they would enjoy a room based in those three categories, players would have to design each one carefully. This design choice was made so players would be urged to purchase more in game content like furniture for a deeper mechanic and real in game results.


Creating a shop where players could find items easily and with a similar layout to the decoration process was important so no information would be lost during the purchase and building phase. To keep things interesting, different sets of unique furniture would rotate in daily, making the decision to pass something up meant it could be gone for a long time. However if players wanted to find items in a set that were not rotating they could go to the cash shop as seen on the left. This allowed players who might not have the time to wait, or in game currency to pick out items that suited their needs and style.

Project 2


This mock up was to describe to publishers how the Rock Gobbler creature would control. I was given this task by the lead designer who had come up with the idea and wanted to illustrate how it would work.


The second part of the first mock up goes on to show what could and could not be eaten.  I choose to have the Rock Gobbler be a creature that could take on impressive shapes.


Following with the art decision to have the Rock Gobbler be very morphable, I came up with a proposed system of power ups that would allow players different types of game play modes during the course of the game based on things they would eat after selecting or unlocking said mode. These simple changes in mechanics made for a refreshing change and were of minimal effort to implement. In this mock up I also had the idea to allow players to customize their Rock Gobbler for a deeper connection and chances for them to unlock fun new content.

Project 3


In this mock up I was in charge of how players would complete actions and commands on the touch screen. Since at the time “Power Defense” was using a drag and drop system I thought something similar could accomplish this goal well.  Having the stylus for commanding units made fun and exciting grid based tactical combat maneuvers a reality.

Project 4


This mock up represents my first professional solo design project as the lead. Having full content control over design and art has been very exciting and rewarding. This game is meant to educate and I wanted to find a way to do that without boring potential players. Working in tandem with a group of educators and experts to try and deliver something fun and educational has been a blast and allowed me to help show that games can in fact be used to better the world.

Being involved in creating designs, presenting them to publishers and organizations, and promoting the company is an exciting honor. During my time working at PlayEveryWare I have not only had the chance to grow as an artist, animator, and game designer, but as a presenter,  business man, and ambassador for the games industry, all things I wish to continue to grow and spread during my journey as a game developer.