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Kyoto Station’s Ramen Koji Brings Soup From All Across Japan

In Japan’s old capital, you have heard whispers of a place where ramen rules supreme. After climbing an untold amount of colorful steps, you see your goal. In front of you lies the busy and seductive walkways of Kyoto’s ramen koji.

Ramen Koji

Located on the 10th floor of the Kyoto Station Building, the Ramen koji (alley) has shops from across Japan.

More of a food court than an alley

They did an outstanding job of hitting some of the more essential styles of ramen in Japan. Decorations and displays educated customers about the region and method of ramen for each shop. People seemed to be very passionate about their favorite place.

It was a random Tuesday, later in the day when I went, and the lines for most places were pretty long. Having only so much space in my stomach, I decide to eat at two shops.


Giant touchscreens are a traditional ramen shop style /s

Representing Kyoto, the actual city I was in, this one was a no-brainer. I went to the ticket machine, waited in line, and prepped myself for what the ramen koji had to offer.

Pork and soy soup, with thin noodles, and pork fat. Topped with an egg, green onions, bamboo shoots, and pork slices.

The ramen was pretty good. It reminded me of some wonton noodle soups I’ve had in the past. It wasn’t until I had finished that I saw wontons were an additional topping option.  This establishment started in 1948, and since ramen was called Chinese soba until around the 50’s, the taste made perfect sense. My neighboring group let me know that this ramen was a very nostalgic taste for many people. I slurped up all my soup and found a cute surprise.

No. Thank you~

Ramen Todai

A shop from Tokushima on the island of Shikoku stood out from the crowd.  I bought a ticket and headed in.

Giant lanterns draw me in like a moth to a flame

This place seemed cool thanks to how different the ramen appeared. The taste profile looked like it would be more like pork sukiyaki than typical ramen. A side order of rice was given to me by the staff. They then pointed to a basket on the table. It was full of eggs. I could have as many as I wanted they informed me. I knew what to do. I had to make TKG (tamago kake gohan/ egg covered rice.)

You had me at free eggs

I scarfed down the TKG, and my ramen arrived. It looked great.

You bet I put an egg on it

I was entirely on point about the taste of the ramen. It was a bit sweet and very sukiyaki-esque. The egg mixed in super well and I finished my bowl in no time.

Easy Street

Ramen koji was a neat little spot. The location is as convenient as it gets. The ramen I ate was pretty good. You won’t find a place with this many types of ramen with such easy access anywhere else. I’d recommend checking it out if you have a craving for ramen and want to try something new.

Title Kyoto Station’s Ramen Koji Brings Soup From All Across Japan
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